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What happens to a person when society must deny that they exist?

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“I MATTER! I MATTER, I MATTER, I MATTER!” the words screamed through my skull on that sunny late afternoon just two Augusts ago.

Just minutes before, I was standing in our kitchen, arguing with my wife, my covert narcissist abuser of over 30 years. I didn’t know it at the time, but her capacity to manipulate and exploit me had recently grown to new and devastating heights.

What we were arguing about, I can’t honestly remember. What I remember most vividly, though, was the point when I asked, I pleaded, for her to stop ramping up emotionally.


Have you ever wondered what life must be like for someone whose life experience is completely different from your own, though the person doesn’t appear on the outside to be very different from you at all?

Ever wonder what it must have been like for a person to have been:

Given up for adoption as a result of fear and shame?

Raised by two emotionally abusive parents, one a rage monster, and the other a shame machine?

Raised as the stereotypical golden child of the family, the one who can do no wrong?

Identified as gifted early on in school, only to have to repeat a grade later because of a clerical error?

Shamed for loving things that other children were allowed to love?

Raised, morally speaking, by fictional characters like Captain America, Batman, and Spider-Man?

Discouraged for trying new things that other children could freely enjoy?

So broken inside that, upon reaching adulthood, you believed you couldn’t ever love or be loved, and that you’d be a failure at adult life?

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